Round Jigsaw Puzzle - Australia 210 Pieces for Children Aged 6+

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Travel, Learn & Explore Australia
Round Jigsaw Puzzle
Children Aged 6+
Sassi Science Puzzles are designed to make Learning
and Education a Fun experience.

The Sassi Science Puzzle comes with a 32 page booklet so that
kids can read about the places on the puzzle.

The booklet can be used as a guide for kids to look-up to help identify 
which state the puzzle pieces belong to. After a while they will
have learnt where the capital cities are and where key
places like the Great Ocean Road are in Australia.

Discover Australia and all it's attractions! Experience the blue of the ocean, the red of the outback, the many colours of Aboriginal art and the most famous cities from Sydney to Melbourne, from Perth to Darwin and the beauty of Tasmania, explore every corner 
of this marvelous country!

The booklet provides information about the key Aussie icons displayed
on the Jigsaw Puzzle. For example, for New South Wales a picture
of the Harbour Bridge is included in the puzzle, the booklet shows
a picture of the Harbour Bridge with some history and a
"Did You Know?" snippet that provides children
with some local facts.