Build Your Own Robot Kit

Age 10 + Years
  • Fun to build Lizard-Like AI Robot
  • Programmed for avoidance or following based on environmental interactions
  • In "follow-me" mode the robot assesses danger bluff attacker and unfurling and shakes its frill
  • In "escape" mode the robot automatically acts "shocked!", and scurries away, safe

2015 Educational Product of The Year

The award-winning Frilled Lizard Robot by CIC is an artificially intelligent robotic lizard that your child builds and it either follows your child around the house like a real pet or runs away from your child when it feels threatened.

The Frilled Lizard Robot has ab infrared sensor that is programmed to "escape" or "follow me".

  • If the infrared sensor is activated in the "escape mode" the robot will automatically act shocked, spreading it's frill, dropping it's jaw, illuminating it's bicolour LED eyes and will scurry away from you to a safe distance.
  • If the infrared sensor is switched to the "follow me" mode it will proceed to follow you like a pet lizard.
  • The Frilled Lizard Robot assembled making it a great project for a few hours putting it together.
  • Requires a pair of small wire cutters to remove plastic pieces and a philips head screwdriver.
  • Assembly instruction are provided.
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