Baby Boo Alphabet Caterpillar Multi Colour Patterns


Bobyboo Alphabet Caterpillar Multi Colour Patterns 160 cm

Baby Boo caterpillars are without a doubt the most striking addition to any newborns nursery or toddler's room!

This caterpillar is an outstanding 160cm in length, in a collection of multicolours and stripe and polka dot patterns.

The body of the caterpillar is made from a beautifully vibrant material, and each of the 52 legs are also colour coordinated to the caterpillars body.

The caterpillar's body is sectioned into 26 different pieces, each of which contains an embroidered letter of the alphabet. Starting from A for apple, B for bear, right down to Z for Zebra.

It is the finer details which make this caterpillar a stand out piece, including the adorable dark blue hat and light blue nose or the pink hat and orange nose.