2 x Mini Aroma Pods and Eucalyptus Oil

This beautiful aroma pod has been hand turned by Anthony Hansen, 100% made in Queensland, Australia.
Each pod is a one-off piece finely crafted from the iconic and uniquely Australian Banksia seed pod.
The Banksia is the best natural diffuser available today!
  • The Banksia Grandis Seed Pod is particularly porous, it soaks up the essential oil and slowly releases the aroma through it's pores.
  • Can be used with any Essential Oil you choose
  • No flames and no electricity
1 x Mini Aroma Pod
1 x Eucalyptus Oil

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Aroma Pod Instructions

Step 1. Remove the cork from Aroma Pod
Step 2. Choose a good quality Essential Oil and place 3-4 drops into the pod
Step 3. Place cork back on the Aroma Pod
Add a few extra drops weekly for a longer lasting effect.

How Often do you add essential oil

It depends on the quality of the essential oil, f no smell is present after a week or so simply add a few more drops.

Can I Change the Oil Fragrance

Yes, you can change the fragrance by adding your own essential oil instead of topping up with Eucalyptus. Wait for the Eucalyptus to completely disspate and add whatever you choose. This can be done over and over again.

How Long Will The Aroma Pod Last

The Aroma Pod will last a lifetime.

Will The Oil Leak

Each Aroma Pod is tested to ensure they don't leak. However, the Aroma Pod is made from a naturally porous material and it is recommended that something is placed underneath to protect painted or highly polished surfaces.

Can The Aroma Pod Be Taken Overseas

Yes they can be taken all over the world!
However if you are asked to declare a timber product in the country you are entering you must declare the Banksia products.  
We do not provide a document for use when travelling through customs.
Banksia Aroma Pod

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