Native Australian Flora

The three Banksia Pillar Candle Set is the perfect way to bring a native Australian Flora theme to you setting.
Each pillar is turned by hand from the Banksia Seed Pod and each one is unique.
The Pillar Candles are sold in the following sets:
  • Three Pillar Candles Set - Tall, Medium, Short
  • Two Tall Pillar Candles Set
  • Tall and Medium Pillar Candles Set
  • Two Medium Pillar Candles Set
  • Medium and Short Pillar Candles Set
  • Two Small Pillar Candles Set

The candles are wrapped separately, not in a gift packaging.

Sold out

Pillar Candle Sizes

Tall Pillar Candle:         13 x 6 cm
Medium Pillar Candle: 10 x 5 cm
Short Pillar Candle:       7 x 5 cm

Banksia Grandis

The Tea Light Holders are made from a particular type of Banksia called ‘Grandis'. It is also commonly known as Bull Banksia or Giant Banksia.
This variety grows particularly large and has a very dense centre making it ideal for woodturning.
The tree itself will grow to approximately 10 metres, it produces brilliant yellow flowers followed by the large seed pod. In the extreme temperatures of the Western Australian Bush the pods open up to release seeds for re-germination.

Are The Tea Light Holders Safe

The Banksia seed pod is designed to withstand bush fires. In fact, the Banksia Grandis relies on fire for re-germination. In a bush fire the 'eyes' of the seed pod open up and the seeds fly out.  
The pods are often left remaining on the tree or on the forest floor merely charred.  
As with ALL candles, ours come with strict WARNINGS about how they are best handled.
Please see the following:  
  • Never Leave Burning Candles Unattended
  • Place Holder on a level surface, in a well-ventilated area.  
  • Trim candle wick to 10mm before lighting.  
  • Only suitable for use with tea light candles sized 38x15mm, in a foil cup.

Banksia Grandis - A Renewable Resource

It takes 24 months from the time the tree produces the flower to the time the Banksia nut reaches maturity and is suitable for picking.

The fact that the tree re-grows its pods over and over again makes the Banksia an incredibly renewable resource.

Responsibility & Sustainability

The collection of the Banskia Grandis is highly regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia. It is Banksia Gifts Australia™ responsibility to ensure that the landscape is undisturbed and that the Banksia trees continue to thrive in the Australian bush.

The seed pods collected have expelled their seeds and have completed the lifecycle of the plant. They are carefully handpicked to ensure no damage is done to the tree itself or the Australian bushland. The collectors go in to the bush on foot, careful not to disturb any surrounding plants or wildlife and no heavy machinery is used during this process.

A royalty is paid to the Western Australian Forestry per seed pod, which goes to aid in forest management and conservation. The pickers are designated certain areas to collect the pods, and these are constantly changing to ensure no one area is ever depleted.
Only 10% of the Banksia Seed Pods can be collected in any one area at a time.

Making The Banksia Tea Light Holders

Each pod is cut into sections and put on a woodturning lathe. A chisel is then used to shave away the outside of the seed pod revealing its unique pattern.
The products are hand sanded with up to three grades of paper, then polished with 100% Australian Canola Oil to enhance the Banksia pod's natural colour.
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