Develops Early Mathematical Concepts

Educational Game For Kids Aged 4-8
Crazy Sudoku is played in a similar fashion to Sudoku except
kids get to use little insects instead of numbers

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Playing Crazy Sudoku

In Crazy Sudoku kids line up the six insects in rows and columns
and make sure there is only one insect
per row, per column, and per box.

Choose The Game To Play

The game includes a panel that can be placed over the Game to Play - an
important feature that makes it easier for children to focus on the
correct starting pieces to place into position.
The board is magnetic, keeping the pieces in place - an important feature that
prevents the pieces from moving if the board is bumped.

Place The Remaining Pieces

Place the remaining pieces on the Right Hand Side.

Pack The Pieces Away When Finished

Setting Up The Game

The Crazy Sudoku board has three sections.
Left Side:
Select a game to use where game (1) is the easiest and game (20) the hardest.
Where the Crazy Sudoku game is played.
Right Side:
Keep the unused pieces here.

Place The Pieces On The Board

Place the starting pieces on the board to match the game selection.
Setup for Game 20

Start Playing Crazy Sudoku

Fold The Game Away

Fold the game away into a convenient 22 x 14 cm pack.

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