STEM Construction Set

Kapla is suitable for children of all ages, from age 3.
Its basics are extremely simple, but with some experience
the game can become very complex.
Children learn every time they build and will advance
their building techniques by playing.
40 Coloured Pine Wooden Planks (20 x Yellow, 20 x Green)
1 Colour Art Book

Kapla is a construction game that allows you to build without limit

Kapla is made up of a set of identical small planks made from pine.
The unique size of the planks makes them ideal for building
many different creations.
No glue, no screws, no clips.
The planks are held in place by gravity and balance alone.

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Kapla Planks With Art Book - Yellow & Green

The Kapla Planks in Yellow and Green are an ideal way to start a
Kapla Collection.

Artbook Models - Expanded collection

The Artbook displays 9 more models to build when the Kapla Collection is expanded with the addition of plain planks.

Kapla Planks

The KAPLA Planks are 100% natural and untreated made from
French Pine Wood, an ideal material:
  • High density provides a resistance to compression and and long-lasting use
  • It's resinous wood provides the friction that prevents planks from slipping
  • It's pronounced grain makes each plank elegant and unique
The pine trees used to make Kapla planks originate
from sustainable forests.

Artbook Models - Green & Yellow

The Artbook has 13 models to build with the Yellow & Green Planks and
9 more Yellow & Green models to build with the addition of
plain planks to the Kapla Collection.

KAPLA in the Classroom

KAPLA is an educational tool and is used by schools all around the word.
Kapla is an ideal toy for schools for children of all ages. Kapla provides an
open ended game adapting to every childs abilities.
For the past 30 years, Kapla has provided teachers throughout Europe
with a highly adaptable way of approaching many subjects:
art, mathematics, expression, problem-solving, geometry.
            At Castlecrag, Sydney (June, 2016)


KAPLA came into existence during the construction of a castle in the South of France. It is the story of an architect's adventure.
In order to plan out the construction work and visualize the future castle, Tom van der Bruggen, the inventor of Kapla, started trimming maritime pine into planks to build a model. Kapla was the result, a plank with perfect proportions that makes an ideal compromise between bricks and beams.
These planks offreed endless building possibilities. Tom named them KAPLA for "KAbouter PLAnkje" gnome planks in Dutch.

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