STEAM Powered Kids Magnet Exploration

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Magnet Exploration
For Ages 8+

GST Included in Price

Contains over 40 components for
playing 25 fun games


Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Maths.

STEAM Powered Kids provide
premium toys that stimulate mental development.

Imaginative, creative, inspiring and fun are the
four design principles behind STEAM Powered Kids Toys.

Product Description
Magnet Exploration consists of 25 activities
that demonstrate the principles of magnetic fields.

The contents come in two big packs, one for
Activities 1-18 and another for Activities 19-25.

Example Activity - Magnetising a Metal Object
This activity highlights two types of magnets:
Permanent Magnets & Temporary Magnets.

The magnetic bar makes the paper clip magnetic
when they come into contact which
attracts the nuts to the clip.

Example Activity - Fishing Game
This activity demonstrates how magnetic
power can work through liquid

Example Activity - Super Magnet Racer
As the same magnetic poles repel each other
the magnet racer is moved by the repelling force.

The activities require the following materials not
included: a metal paper clip, a shallow tray,
a plastic sheet, adhesive tape.

Example Activity - Anti-Gravity Sculpture
The nuts are made of steel, which is mostly iron.
Iron is a magnetic material and attracted to
magnets. When the stop nut is close to
the magnets it becomes a magnet too, and
so do all the other nuts.
Magnet Exploration - Anti-Gravity Sculpture

Example Activity - The Floating Spinner
Poles on different magnets always repel
each other. the force of repulsion keeps
the hexagonal rod floating above the
baseplate, even when it's spinnning.
Magnet Exploration - The Floating Spinner