Organic Cotton Comforter & Cuddly Friend

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Safety Tested to International Standards

35cm Diagonal

The Lamb Security Blanket is designed to beused as an essential partof your baby's naptime, play time or sleep routine.
  • Soft, cuddly and environmentally friendly
  • Sure to be a favorite
  • Providing endless hours of fun and comfort for your little one.
Organic Certified
Ed 01A/Rev00
100% Organic Cotton
Head Filling:
100% Organic Cotton Fiber
The Lamb Security Blanket is part of the Little Prince Collection celebrating the novel’s 75thyear in publication. Pioneering aviator,bestselling writer andhumanist, Antoine
de Saint-ExupérywroteThe LittlePrince in 1943.
Long considered one of the greatestpieces of French literature
ever written and votedas
“The Best Book of the 20th Century” in France.

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