TGA Approved - AUSTL 310284

Topical Herbal Medicine

Cold & Flu Treatment

Natural Australian Made
Tea Tree Ointment

  • Ideal for people seeking a natural remedy
    • For Cold & Flu Symptoms
    • Mild Rheumatic aches
    • Relief of mild upper respiratory tract congestion
    • Ease Cough
    • Relieve Sore Throat
    • Calming

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TiTree Spirit Herbals

TiTree Spirit Herbals are an Australian company that offers a range of herbal medicines based on traditional Western Herbal Medicine and Australian bush medicine.

Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, TiTree Spirit Herbals is the expansion of Rob Santich’s (Director) lifelong work as a grass roots Herbalist, sourcing traditional bush medicine for use in his Natural Therapies clinic.

After years of clinical implementation, Rob now delivers his authentic and efficacious natural healing products to you for use at home

Cahermore Collections are distributors for TiTree Spirit Herbals products.

TiTree Spirit Rub - Directions

  • Applied to the chest to relieve the congestion and the symptoms of the respiratory tract infection
  • For cough, rub a little on the soles of the feet as well
  • Apply cream to chest and feet 3-4 timesper day or as needed
  • Store below 25 degrees Celcius and away from direct sunlight

TiTree Spirit Rub - Warnings

  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women
  • Not to be used for children under 2 years of age without medical advice
  • People who have sensitive skin or those with a known or potential allergy to essential oils are best not to use TiTree Spirit direct on the skin. Instead, a small amount can be placed on a tissue or handkerchief and held several centimetres away from the nostrils and the vapours inhaled.
  • If symptoms persist, seek the advice of a healthcare professional

TiTree Spirit Rub - Formulation

There are several reasons why particular essential oils were originally chosen for our TiTree Spirit Rub formulation. These are:

  • Oils are very powerfully decongestant and antiseptic in Traditional Western Herbal Medicine. These actions are ideal for the topical treatment of upper respiratory tract infections (RTIs),
  • Some of these essential oils are new to the attention of therapists and the public alike,
  • The desire to work with producers of essential oils who respect these wild strands and harvest in a sustainable manner,
  • To hero Australian native essential oils.

Eucalyptus radiata

According to famous French Aromatherapist Daniel Penoel “cineol rich oils exert an immune modulatory effect by enhancing the immune response and dampening inflammation”. The essential oil is very bacterio-static and like all of the Eucalyptus oils is the classic decongestant and anti-infective oil. It remains ideal for the clearing of catarrh, is refreshing and uplifting.

Melaleuca ericifolia

Swamp Tea Tree is where the TiTree story began. Melaleuca ericifolia is a totally unique oil as it contains the oils that characterises lavender, linalool, and the oil that characterises Eucalyptus, cineol.

Contemporary research highlights the use of this oil due to the calming properties of linalool. Research by TiTree Spirit Herbals has discovered a chemotype (in a secret location) on the mid north coast of NSW that is particularly high in linalool.

Backhousia citriadora

‘More lemon than lemon’ says everything about the great scent of B citriadora. Commonly known as Lemon Myrtle, the oil is an effective antiviral and is ideal to relive chest congestion either topically in an ointment or diffused.

It is both relaxing and uplifting at the same time, improving concentration while exerting a calming effect.


TiTree Spirit Rub - The Story

The story of Spirit Rub started in 1998, when an Aboriginal friend of Rob's invited him to do a survey of essential oil-bearing plants growing in their region. They completed analysis of the oils and authored a comprehensive report that TiTree Spirit Herbals continues to reference to this day.

Rob is a manufacturing herbalist, formulating medicinal creams and ointments for patients and started to use these essential oils in his herbal clinic. He formulated a blend of unique Australian essential oils in a clay gel base for young children and others with respiratory tract infections, in a similar way to other vapour rubs.

Over the decades, he found that patients really loved it; primarily because it was effective and secondly because the aroma is so good and so unique. His patients remind him regularly of this topical being a ‘go to’ in their medicine cabinet.

A few years after his first batch of clinical creams, he set about to enlist the help of Mandy, a good friend and Aboriginal artist, to create a beautiful artwork to promote the finished medicines.

Mandy painted ‘TiTree Spirit’ (seen here in ‘Spirit Lady’), which quickly became the hero of Rob's medicines and, unbeknownst to him at the time, the soul to an emerging company.

Another decade or so later Rob is creating more medicines this way to help more people.

TiTree Spirit Herbals, are bringing unique Australian medicines to the community and every households medicine cabinet.

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